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Hire Your Kids – They’re On Instagram, Too

While the digital world is bursting at the seams with DIY templates and apps for just about everything that requires a specific competency, it seems more companies – small and large, alike – are using inadequate tools and methods to connect with an audience and manage a communications plan. Don’t get us wrong – we’re all about saving money. Heck, we sneak our own candy into movie theaters. The first part of our consultation brief when engaged by smaller-sized organizations is to ... Read more

Tips for Using Twitter

While doing some light spring cleaning, I came across this short list of Twitter hints and "Better Practices" I circulated internally a while back. You may find some helpful, or already employ them. Feel free to send us some of your tips, too! 1. Be mindful of length if you want to increase RT potential. 2. Don't automatically RT without qualifying where embedded (hotlink) links originate. 3. If you are working in PR, don't embellish client facts - keep it factual and journalists will ... Read more

You Have to Whup a Man’s Ass Sometimes

For hundreds of years there have been books, manuscripts - hell, even song lyrics - dealing with the subject matter of codes of conduct.  A few years ago, one of my employees compared me to the fictional Special Agent Gibbs on TV's NCIS crime drama.  Already familiar with the character's penchant for quoting from a set of rules and protocols that were handed down from his agent mentors, I began spouting out my own "rules" - mostly in professional scenarios - ... Read more