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You Have to Whup a Man’s Ass Sometimes

For hundreds of years there have been books, manuscripts - hell, even song lyrics - dealing with the subject matter of codes of conduct.  A few years ago, one of my employees compared me to the fictional Special Agent Gibbs on TV's NCIS crime drama.  Already familiar with the character's penchant for quoting from a set of rules and protocols that were handed down from his agent mentors, I began spouting out my own "rules" - mostly in professional scenarios - ... Read more

Six Suggestions for Teaching a Historically Balanced Thanksgiving

We’re not elementary school teachers (except Shannon, who actually has a BA in Education, and used to be an elementary school teacher), but most of us ARE Native American, so we compiled a brief list of recommendations for those of you who perpetuate Thanksgiving stereotypes and/or rely on Disney features for US history lessons. Please pass on to someone who needs it… Try to balance your historical frame of reference. Many people see Native Americans as existing only a “long time ago.” DO ... Read more