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Hire Your Kids – They’re On Instagram, Too

While the digital world is bursting at the seams with DIY templates and apps for just about everything that requires a specific competency, it seems more companies – small and large, alike – are using inadequate tools and methods to connect with an audience and manage a communications plan. Don’t get us wrong – we’re all about saving money. Heck, we sneak our own candy into movie theaters. The first part of our consultation brief when engaged by smaller-sized organizations is to ... Read more

You Have to Whup a Man’s Ass Sometimes

For hundreds of years there have been books, manuscripts - hell, even song lyrics - dealing with the subject matter of codes of conduct.  A few years ago, one of my employees compared me to the fictional Special Agent Gibbs on TV's NCIS crime drama.  Already familiar with the character's penchant for quoting from a set of rules and protocols that were handed down from his agent mentors, I began spouting out my own "rules" - mostly in professional scenarios - ... Read more

My Travel Necessities: Gear and Advice

Lately, it seems more of my clients ask me for travel advice: essential tools and gear, general habits, where I get my shoes shined, how I show up at the crack dawn - or late at night – refreshed and ready to roll, etc. As I am actually on a layover from Hell right now, there’s no better time than the present to list my personal travel routine. Most of you will probably think I’m nuts when I reveal my first and ... Read more