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look1-450x359While the digital world is bursting at the seams with DIY templates and apps for just about everything that requires a specific competency, it seems more companies – small and large, alike – are using inadequate tools and methods to connect with an audience and manage a communications plan.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re all about saving money. Heck, we sneak our own candy into movie theaters. The first part of our consultation brief when engaged by smaller-sized organizations is to recommend the inexpensive apps (some which are free) and basic, “better practices” that may work best for them before we ever “pass ‘go.’”

We get it. Outsourced communications: marketing, advertising, and PR were probably axed from your company’s budget a while ago. Or, perhaps you have “people” in-house that work wonders for their kid’s elementary school PTA newsletter, so you figured you may as well turn the responsibility of crafting your corporate communications – your company’s brand and public image – over to someone who has Word or Publisher on their PC. After all, those selfies posted on Instagram at the company holiday party turned out ok, right?

We’re Sure Your Nephew Has a “Killer” Gaming Blog, But…

Whatever situation you are in, it is important to recognize when a particular expertise is needed. There is a difference between Knowledge and Know-how. PR Professionals in every discipline are communications specialists. We utilize an array of systems and methods that are not necessarily at everyone’s disposal (most desktop software solutions used in the communications industry are extremely cost-prohibitive for small to medium-sized businesses to justify or even afford), and are trained to use these tools for the jobs that demand it.

We can efficiently monitor what your competitors are saying, and most importantly, what your competitors’ clients are saying about you – in real-time, in over 10 languages. We can directly intercede in conversations taking place on the Internet around the world at the point of need on your behalf.

We can develop a comprehensive communications plan to successfully engage your company’s shareholders, and explain why it really is important to augment this year’s technology budget – bringing everyone to the same team.

We understand the principles of b2b and b2c marketing.

We know how to strongly position your company for a regional, national, or global launch, while attracting positive media coverage that will dwarf your competition.

We can create clean, relevant, collateral materials that connect with your target audience, and communicate your message – the right message – in ways which will resonate strongly enough to ensure positive perception of your brand and corporate identity.

We can effectively reach out to over 1,000,000 media contacts and outlets around the world to bring the attention your goals demand to your doorstep.

These are only a few examples of what we, as PR Professionals, do everyday for clients just like you. More than likely, your intern, secretary, or neighbor’s son who’s band has a rockin’ facebook page with 46 fans, can’t do what we do – what we are trained to do with the wealth of professional tools at our disposal.

We also make decent mojitos and rule the outdoor grill.