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1680PR Manifesto

We believe in a “committed relationship” with our clients – real partnerships create their own success. Treat us respectfully, as such, and we’ll accomplish the impossible together. We will not be your “vendor” or “service provider.” We will be your “Communications Partner.”

We aren’t afraid of challenges or crises. We never blink.

We are not a “cheat sheet.” We don’t give answers unless we may explore the questions.

A positive communications exchange is a vital part of our own process. We operate on a system that breaks down without feedback.

Don’t try to do our work for us. You hired us to do things that you cannot.

We do not present unpaid pitches. Our global contacts – rather, “relationship equity” – boundless intellectual creativity, and leading-edge technology resources are our most valuable assets; we will not hand out these resources free of charge. What we do offer for free is an introduction to our company and key team members, an initial project/client analysis, and brief to potential clients.

We are experienced professionals who work hard (in some cases, around-the-clock) to ensure your success, so pay us.