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The most important aspect of business – corporate and personal – brand identity defines your place in the world. B2B and B2C companies, individual personalities, startups, and established organizations, alike, rely on our expertise to create a “Bulletproof Brand” experience to carve a distinctive niche in the marketplace.


We’re better at creating Marketing Strategies than other agencies because we ask our clients the right questions. We develop an in-depth knowledge of what you want to accomplish and communicate to your audience, then handcraft compelling narratives that move targets through the Sales Funnel.

While our Creative team focuses on communications strategy and the full range of advertising consultation services, we are able to offer revolutionary communications solutions by working seamlessly with 1680’s other divisions. Our combination of premier design and advertising talent utilizes all media: broadcast, video, mobile application/virtual environment/web site application, print, packaging, and environmental.


Birthed in our original “Bullpen” at North America’s largest independent feature film facility, Albuquerque Studios (Breaking Bad, Marvel’s The Avengers, Book of Eli), 1680’s Social Media Department is the big gun strapped to the side of our PR agency.

Think of it as the bad boy in school…the guy who breaks the rules…the one who walks with a swagger…think Presley and McQueen…

Today’s global marketplace demands a street-smart, trend-setting, technologically advanced, social-savvy PR ground game – and we’re the pros you want on your team when it is time to get down to business.

While many of the old school days and ways of traditional PR are gone, even digital disrupters like Facebook, twitter, and YouTube are losing market share to other specialized mobile social networking platforms in the US, UK, and beyond. Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others are continuing to enable the flow of marketing communications to reverse direction.

Marketing Campaigns are no longer dictated from the top of big business down. They are actually launched from the bottom – by everyday people discussing everyday things. Consumers are no longer being advertised to – they’re advertising to each other – relying more on the opinions of “people just like themselves” rather than traditional media relations.

This is the ever-evolving communications environment that is the social media landscape. It is a strategic marketing revolution, and 1680 is the vanguard.

Remember: anyone can create web content – we create spaces for meaningful conversation.


Companies of all sizes utilize our team of advanced marketing professionals to serve as Outsourced Marketing Operations with a seamless, “in-house” feel. From managing major international campaigns to making sure the ping-pong balls make it to a trade show floor exhibition, we do it all – everyday.

Brand Identity :: Collateral Design and Print :: Marketing Strategy Development and Execution :: Social Selling Training :: CRM Strategy :: Social Media Management


A signature component of our Marketing Consultation practice, our proprietary Social Selling program is designed to fully train Sales teams to harness the power of LinkedIn and other modern social media platforms to further the progression of the sales funnel: connecting with prospects, sourcing leads, providing value to customers, and engaging buyers to build long-term relationships.


Damn-good storytelling starts here – within our creative brain trust. Today’s digital climate demands a consistent volume of content creation – more importantly, effective content creation.

Content development requires both creative and technical marketing expertise to produce visual assets that resonate and connect with your customers to strengthen your brand’s value, capture leads, cultivate community relationships, and increase your company’s marketplace visibility. A successful content strategy requires our recipe of writing/creative, professional marketing strategy, thought leadership, and brand development.