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womenoncell-cityWhile doing some light spring cleaning, I came across this short list of Twitter hints and “Better Practices” I circulated internally a while back. You may find some helpful, or already employ them. Feel free to send us some of your tips, too!

1. Be mindful of length if you want to increase RT potential.

2. Don’t automatically RT without qualifying where embedded (hotlink) links originate.

3. If you are working in PR, don’t embellish client facts – keep it factual and journalists will be more apt to listen.

4. We don’t auto-DM – EVER.

5. Try to have something meaningful to contribute to the twitterverse consistently or you’ll be dropped. You have a responsibility to your followers – your people – to keep them “fed.”

6. Don’t be afraid to unfollow – or not to follow at all – someone who never engages you with anything meaningful to offer. We once had a bonehead call us out for literally not “following back,” ranting for a couple of days to his own following about how “unprofessional” we are for not automatically returning his connection. For us, it isn’t about the number of followers, it is about the quality of the interaction. You’ll notice that we are currently following 13 accounts on twitter. Thirteen. We’re only interested in meaningful exchanges – not necessarily always professional – but real.

7. Be authentic.

8. Be kind.

9. Don’t kiss ass.

10. ALWAYS use a damn URL shortener.

11.  Monitor your convos and content once you’ve mentioned it.  EXAMPLE OF FAIL: A major independent film distributor we know doesn’t monitor “everyday” convos involving their recent film release.  They only engage bigger reviewers in news, etc.  A simple google alert would let them know about blogs and small time articles/reviews/mentions about their stuff, and they could then show more groundswell support – and also pick-up followers.

Now go forth and check out my friends, @MarshaCollier @JessicaGottlieb @LivePath @aldsaur @prosperitygal @ConversationAge and @MarketingProfs – you’ll learn a lot from them, and have fun in the process. Tell them I said “hello” while you’re at it.

Happy tweeting 🙂