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Some work behind the scenes – we move them.™

1680PR is a professional practice that provides expert communications advice and specialized marketing services: Corporate and Personal Branding; B2B and B2C Marketing (Content Creation, Social Selling, Outsourced Marketing, and more); and Strategy-Driven Public Relations.

High-profile Personalities; Nationwide Companies; Tribal Governments and Native Enterprises; Feature Film, Television, and Live Entertainment Companies; Non-profit Organizations; and Entrepreneurs, alike, continue to benefit from the expertise of our brain trust.

Social Media Hired Guns

Don’t trust your corporate/personal brand in the hands of some kid who “knows how to do facebook” because he has a band! Today’s global marketplace demands a street-smart, trend-setting, technologically advanced, social-savvy PR ground game – and we’re the muscle you want on your team when it is time to get down to business.

Nimble and Flexible

Our teams scale to the size and scope of each project and have earned a distinct reputation for our ability to mobilize quickly, work efficiently with other technical moving parts and project partners, and adapt to real-time challenges.

We Like the Feel of Pen and Paper

Our communications philosophy is timeless, but our methodology is leading edge. While we live in the digital world, some of our best ideas are born from anything from a sketch pad to a shameless series of sticky notes…and most of us still love the feel of a hardback book.

We're Digital Natives (pun intended)

Some of us were using Facebook when we were in college and it was still a closed network. We aren’t “adopters” of technology – most of us grew up with it. What that means for our clients – and you – is that while many PR firms and freelancers are still losing time trying to play catch-up with technology and current digital communications methodology, we’ve already adopted, adapted, and engaged.

We Actually Hate Terms Like Out-Of-The-Box

We didn’t come with a box. We are a collective of creatives with the right balance of business acumen and visionary forethought…and we never blink. Ever.

People Talk About Us Behind Our Back

Evidently, word of mouth serves us well. Our clients, colleagues, and trade associates are always surprised to learn that since our founding on April 1, 2009 we have never invested one penny on advertising in any form – and we’re thriving.

Our Clients

1680PR | Professional PR and Brand Marketing Agency